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18th Jun, 2009


Possible visit to Boston next week

My best friend and I might stay in Boston for a day or two sometime between June 23 and July 3. Where should we stay and what should we do? Any suggestions?

14th Feb, 2009


i want to start writing letters again

Lately, I've been thinking that it'd be good to start putting pen to paper and writing letters or postcard and sending them to people who I know. The problem is that I don't know anybody's address. So, if you want a letter or postcard from me, then either email your address to me at dastimothy at gmail dot com or comment with it here. The comments are screened, so they won't actually show up by the way.

19th Jul, 2008


starting t

I'm starting t on august 11. Yay!

29th Dec, 2007



I'm sick. I have a cold. Sucks. 

22nd Sep, 2007



I have an appointment for therapy on Tuesday. It will be my first appointment since deciding that I might want to possibly transition. Yay!

30th Aug, 2007


(no subject)

i have a new job. and with it, health insurance for the first time in about a year. it's pretty great insurance, so i can go to therapy now and get on track to becoming a transitioning person. yay. my sister is okish about the trans thing. her attitude towards it has changed for the better over the past couple months. she went from wanting to have a sister and a brother to calling me timothy. and she said that i'd probably look good with a goatee.

i have a headache. i might start updating more often and adding things of substance. i might not though.


26th Jul, 2007


mom update

My mom is doing okay. She had a lumpectomy and won't have to have any more surgery. The doctors removed all of the obviously cancerous bits. She will have to do chemotherapy and radiation though. Chemotherapy will probably start right after I get back from London next month. Radiation starts a month or so after that. I'm glad that we have a better idea of things now.

It somehow came up that I'm thinking about my gender. I asked her about the mastectomy that she might have to have and she said that she'd look the way that I do now except that she wouldn't actually have breasts. That was the first and only time that she acknowledged that I'd been binding. I told her that I was trying to decide if I wanted to transition and that it was something that I've been thinking about off and on since childhood. I told her that I was going to start therapy when I get health insurance again. She freaked out a little, but I think that she knows that I know what I'm doing.

1st Jul, 2007


Anybody on facebook?

I am. Add me.

23rd Jun, 2007


going to nowhere

I'm going to a club/bar called nowhere tonight. I hope that there are people who I know there. I had a good time last time I was there. I keep posting really dumb posts while I'm here. I don't have the time to think things out very much. Maybe I'll do all of my new york vacation updates when I get back home...

22nd Jun, 2007


new york

This place is so great. I love it.

I somehow stumbled across a guy who used to live in Columbia and knows a lot of the people who I used to know. This place is so great.

Sorry about the uninterestingness of this post.

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